Multimedia Apps and Future Internet

Multimedia Apps and Future Internet - Cod.: 84490


  • Lecturer Coordinators: Prof. Igor Bisio, Prof. Andrea Sciarrone
  • Assistant Lecturer: Dr. Chiara Garibotto
  • 6 ECTS Credits
  • Period: Year 3, Semester 2
  • Language of Lectures: Italian
  • Contact hours: 60
  • Teaching Method: theoretical and practical lessons
  • Assessment Method: Software project development.
  • Aim

    The lectures are afimed to provide basic elements for designing and developing multimedia apps for the future Internet.


    Elements of signal and data processing, Context-Awareness, Android operative system, hardware architecture of a mobile smart device, Android Studio.

    Design and development of Android software modules for signal processing and transmission between Android devices.


    Acquired skills

    At the end of the lectures the students will acquire the necessary knowledge to assess, design and develop the main elements of Multimedia Apps for the Future Internet.

    NEWS A.Y. 2019/20

    The Course will start on Thu March 12th 2020 via e-learning tool (Microsoft TEAMS). Course material and other details are available on AULAWEB.

    Course notes

    Availalble on AULAWEB

    Android Programming (developed using Android Studio)

    Availalble on AULAWEB